Automated Testing Framework tests that SHOULD have been

Tests that are entirely Self-Contained


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First of all, thanks for thinking of contributing to this project. You’re Awesome! 😍

We welcome contributions to ATF by everyone.

How to report a problem

Please search issue tracker before creating a new issue (problem or an improvement request). Feel Free to add issues related to the project.

If you feel that you can fix or implement it yourself, please read a few paragraphs below to learn how to submit your changes.

Submitting Changes

  • Comment on the issue so others know you are working on the issue.
  • Fork the project
  • Install your fork on your Personal Developer Instance (PDI) with credientials (so you have write access)
  • Create Branch something-descriptive
  • Install necessary plugins for the test (e.g. CSM tests would require CSM to be installed)
  • Ensure you are in the ATF scope
  • Create the test for this issue
  • Associate the test to the logical test suite
  • Test your test in your PDI
  • Commit your changes
  • Create a Pull Request

What is this?

This is a scoped app in ServiceNow to give administrators and Developers a faster Automated Testing implementation.


  • Simple single source for all tests
  • Tests that work regardless of data in your system

Can you elaborate on that?

Well ServiceNow originally didn’t have any pre-canned tests to test the Out of Box offerings they had. So that was the initial goal of this project. As time’s progressed, so has this project.

Now ServiceNow does include some pre-canned tests, however they rely on administrators installing an plugin for each test suite. There are a lot of these.

Additionally most of those tests rely on you to have either the original groups that came with the instance when it was initially stood up OR they depend on you to edit them. So generally they don’t even run today in most instances.


You only need to take two steps to install this.

  1. In Studio, import application from Github.
  2. Due the nature of self contained test, this application requires the ability to Create, Modify, and Delete groups.
    However Scoped applications do not have this access normally, to enable this update the Group Table by going here: /
    • Under Application Access
      • Check “Can Create”
      • Check “Can Update”
      • Check “Can Delete”
      • Save